Why you need chatbots

A chatbot is a virtual consultant, whose main task is to perform routine and monotonous work for you instantly and around the clock, for example: to help users in choosing a product, to provide them with technical support, and with our service to sell goods and services by saving customer data in CRM. With a chatbot you can reduce the number of support managers by several times

Instagram chatbot with newsletter and built-in CRM system

Main functions of the service

Create chatbots in a convenient builder

Here you can customize automatic responses to user messages without programming knowledge. The chatbot is able to filter the content of messages in the desired format. For example, if the phone number or other data is misspelled, the program will ask the client to specify the correct value. And of course the bot can transfer the information to your CRM or any third-party resource

Instagram chatbot builder

Simplify customer communication with auto-response to comments

This feature is needed to track new comments under your posts or live streams. The bot will be able to instantly respond to users, comments and if necessary, additionally write to them in Direct. The best tool to launch contests to increase engagement and boost the reach of your Instagram account

Autoresponder for Instagram comments

Manage your customer base in a CRM system for Instagram

All users who interacted with the chatbot will be added to the CRM. You can customize the bot to segment customers by parameters, for example: to separate those who are interested in a product from those who bought it. Phone numbers, emails, delivery addresses and other data from incoming messages are also stored in cells. The information can be exported in a convenient format. CRM is indispensable for working with existing customers

CRM system for Instagram

Start a mass mailing in Direct to your customers

This tool allows you to send messages to everyone who has communicated with your chatbot in Direct. In the settings you can filter your customer base by different parameters. And in conjunction with our CRM, you can make personalized mailings to a specific segment of users. The function is great for reminders about promotions, discounts or other events

Mass mailing in Direct

Additional features

Customize an engaging welcome menu in Direct

Activate buttons at the beginning of a dialog in a welcome menu format or in the middle of correspondence as a call to targeted action. CTA buttons will set you apart from your competitors and speed up the customer's path to purchase.

Instagram Direct Welcome Menu

Increase your subscribers with subscription verification

Offer potential customers a lead magnet in return for a subscription and increase the number of active subscribers. Check the relevance of the subscription over time with a timer

Offer potential customers a lead magnet in return for a subscription and increase the number of active subscribers. Check the relevance of the subscription over time with a timer

Send messages to customers as a message gallery with buttons

Showcase your product, course or product catalog directly in Direct as a gallery of 10 messages that are easy to flip through. You can attach a link to your website to each post and individual buttons.

Instagram vertical button card gallery

Customize reactions to mentions in Stories, send audio, and post

React to every interaction with your content to boost engagement and please the algorithm. Create contests in storis and direct: the bot will send everyone prizes and thank yous

React to mentions in Stories, send audio and post to Instagram

Run automated giveaways, games, quizzes and promo code giveaways

Engage your audience with game mechanics. Run quizzes and quizzes with a chatbot. Send unique promo codes that can be used for end-to-end analytics

Quizzes, games and sending personalized promo codes on Instagram

Increase the effectiveness of targeting ads with a chatbot

Increase ad effectiveness and get more sales. Launch the targeting bot and select the "Messages" target. The bot will process every order and won't leave your customers unattended.

Engage with targeted ads on Instagram

Synchronize your chatbot with any service by querying the API and sending a Webhook

Integrate customer data from Instagram with any website. The bot can send new order data to an external CRM or send a telegram notification for fast customer support.

Read API data and send Webhook requests in Instagram chatbot
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SMMBOT.net works on Instagram official API platform, so by creating a bot in our service, you are not violating Instagram rules in any way. In addition, the chatbot responds exclusively to incoming messages, which means that it only interacts with users who have conditionally given their consent to correspond.

It's official

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